I’m ready to get started with my project, where do I begin?

To begin with your commercial or residential project, get an idea of what your goals for the project are going to be. Set a budget and then make an appointment with Watergate by contacting (940) 399-6440.

How did you guys come up with the name Watergate Irrigation?

Watergate Irrigation is a play on words. “Watergate” was jokingly termed after the Nixon Watergate Scandal that took place in the White House. A play on our last name, our home telephones have been answered, “White House.” The “Water” portion ties the irrigation aspect into the name and brings it all together.

I turned my sprinkler system off but I have one station that continues to run, why?

We refer to this as a valve “sticking open.” When debri and sediment in the sprinkler system’s main water stream enter the individual valves that run each station, the internal valve diaphragms can become lodged open. This causes the individual sprinkler station to run continuously even when the system is turned off.

Can you locate valves underground that I can’t find?

Yes. We have a valve locator that we use to locate sprinkler system valves.

Are certain brands of sprinkler parts better than others?

Yes. We are recognized as a Rain Bird Select Contractor and only install Rain Bird valves, heads and timers. The Rain Bird brand is recognized for creating the very first impact sprinkler head in 1933. Rain Bird is an industry leader and is second to none when designing around well, lake and high sediment systems. Other contractors will use brands like Weathermatic, Toro, Hunter and Irritrol. While these brands are functional brands, we prefer to use Rain Bird, especially if you are operating on a well or lake system.

Do you offer other services aside from Sprinkler System installation and repair?

Yes. Click the “Services” link for a complete list of services that we provide.

If I select Watergate to complete my project, where do I start?

The first thing you will need to do is contact the appropriate representative. For full sprinkler system installations and other services, contact Doug White at 940.399.6440. Once you have contacted us, we will schedule an appointment for a consultation. After the consultation has been completed, we can then move forward with approval. 

Do you offer any type of warranty with your new system installations?

Yes. We offer a two year warranty on all of our new sprinkler system installations that have Rain Bird parts installed. In the event that a mechanical issue should occur with a Rain Bird part, within the two year warranty period, a service technician will be dispatched to your location to change out the necessary parts. (Warranty is only eligible with a new system installation)

I live outside of Watergate’s general work area, do you travel?

Depending on the size of the job and circumstances, we will travel outside of the general coverage area. If we are not able to accommodate your needs, we will make an effort to refer you to a contractor that can help you.